Rule 48.21.1 Structural Soundness and Repair. The building shall be structurally sound, free
from leaks and excessive moisture, in good repair, and painted at sufficient
intervals to be reasonably attractive inside and out. Walls and ceilings of
hazardous areas shall be one (1) hour fire-resistance rating.

Rule 48.21.2 Heating and Cooling Systems. Adequate heating and cooling systems shall be
provided to maintain an inside temperature between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 78
degrees Fahrenheit depending on the season.

Rule 48.21.3 Lighting. Each resident’s room shall have artificial light adequate for reading and
other uses as needed. There should be a minimum brightness of ten (10) foot
candles of lighting for general use in residents’ rooms and minimum brightness
of thirty (30) foot candles of lighting for reading purposes. All entrances,
hallways, stairways, ramps, cellars, attics, storerooms, kitchens, laundries, and
service units shall have sufficient artificial lighting to prevent accidents and
promote the efficiency of service. Night lights shall be provided in all hallways,
stairways, toilets, and bathing rooms.

Rule 48.21.4 Emergency Lighting. At least one functioning, battery-operated emergency light
shall be provided in each hallway.

Rule 48.21.5 Screens. All screen doors and non-stationary windows shall be equipped with
tight-fitting, full-length, sixteen (16) mesh screens. Screen doors shall swing out
and shall be equipped with self-closing devices.

Rule 48.21.6 Floors. All floors shall be smooth and free from defects such as cracks, and shall
be finished so that they can be easily cleaned.

Rule 48.21.7 Walls and Ceilings. All walls and ceilings shall be of sound construction, with
an acceptable surface, and shall be maintained in good repair.

Rule 48.21.8 Ceiling Height. All ceilings shall have a height of at least seven (7) feet, except
that a height of six (6) feet six (6) inches may be approved for hallways or toilets
and bathing rooms where the lighting fixtures are recessed.

Rule 48.21.9 Ramps and Inclines. Ramps and inclines were installed for the use of
residents, shall not exceed one (1) foot of rising in ten (10) feet of run, shall be
furnished with a non-slip floor, and shall be provided with handrails on both

Rule 48.21.10 Door Swing. Exit doors, other than from a living unit, shall swing in the director
of exit from the structure.

Rule 48.21.11 Floor Levels. All differences in floor levels within the building shall be
accomplished by stairs of not less than three (3) six-inch risers, ramps, or inclines,
and shall be equipped with handrails on both sides.

Rule 48.21.12 Space Under Stairs. Space under stairs shall not be used for storage purposes.
All walls and doors shall meet the same fire rating as the stairwell.

Rule 48.21.13 Interior Finish and Floor Coverings. Interior finish and decorative material
shall be not less than Class B and floor covering shall have a flame spread not to
exceed 75.

Rule 48.21.14 Fire Extinguishers. Fire extinguishers of number, type, and capacity appropriate
to the need shall be provided for each floor and for special fire hazard areas such as
kitchen, laundry, and mechanical room. All extinguishers shall be of a type
approved by the licensing agency. A vaporizing liquid extinguisher (such as
carbon tetrachloride) will not be approved for use inside the building.
Extinguishers shall be inspected and serviced periodically as recommended by the
manufacturer. The date of inspection shall be entered on a tag attached to the
extinguisher and signed by a reliable inspector such as the local fire chief or
representative of a fire extinguisher servicing company.

Rule 48.21.15 Smoke Detectors. Smoke detectors shall be installed in each hallway no more
than thirty (30) feet apart, in all bedrooms and in all storage rooms.
SOURCE: Miss. Code Ann. §43-11-13
Rule 48.21.16 Trash Chutes. Trash chutes are prohibited.
SOURCE: Miss. Code Ann. §43-11-13
Rule 48.21.17 Housekeeping and Maintenance. The interior and exterior of the licensed
the facility shall be maintained in an attractive, safe, and sanitary condition.

Rule 48.21.18 Pest Control. Pest control inspections and, if necessary, treatments, shall be
made to control pests, vermin, insects, and rodents, at a minimum of once every
thirty (30) days, by a company that is licensed by the State of Mississippi. The
licensing agency may, in its discretion, require more frequent inspections and
treatments. The inspection and treatment reports shall be maintained at the
licensed facility.

Rule 48.21.19 Water Temperature. The temperature of hot water at plumbing fixtures used by
residents shall not exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit and no less than 100 degrees