NAC 449.123  General sanitary requirements.

     1.  Each facility must meet all state and local environmental health standards.

     2.  A facility which provides dietary services must have food service equipment of appropriate quality and type for the type of food service program used by the facility. The equipment must comply with all applicable provisions in chapter 446 of NAC.

     3.  All environmental health inspection reports must be on file in the facility. Any deficiencies must be corrected within 90 days and documented in the file.

     4.  Premises and equipment must be maintained in a sanitary condition:

     (a) The facility must have the necessary cleaning and maintenance equipment with sufficient storage areas and appropriate procedures to maintain a clean and orderly establishment.

     (b) Janitorial supplies, including aerosols, must be stored in areas separate from clean linen, food and other supplies.

     (c) The storage of dirty linen must be separate from the storage of clean linen, food and other supplies.

     5.  The facility shall establish a policy that prohibits clients from sharing items for personal use, such as combs, toothbrushes, towels or bar soap.

     6.  Restrooms or lavatories for the staff must be provided with soap dispensers and individual disposable towels.