Criteria for Licensing

Getting to know your license

It is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time. You just received your license. Now, what do you do? Take a look at the following regulation for how to maintain the license provided to you by the Mississippi State Department of Health:

Subchapter 8 LICENSING

Rule 47.8.1 Issuance of License.

All licenses issued by the licensing agency shall set forth the name of the facility, the location, the name of the licensee, the classification of the facility, the type of building, the bed capacity for which the facility is licensed, and the licensed number.

Rule 47.8.2 Posting of License. The license shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises and shall be available for review by any interested person.

Rule 47.8.3 License Not Transferable. The license is not transferable or assignable to any other person except by written approval of the licensing agency

Rule 47.8.4 Expiration of License. Each license shall expire on March 31, following the date of issuance.

47.8.5 Renewal of License. The license shall be renewable annually upon:

  1. Filing and approval of an application for renewal by the licensee.
  2. Submission of the appropriate licensure renewal fee.
  3. Maintenance by the licensed facility of minimum standards in its physical facility, staff, services, and operation as set forth in these regulations.