Grievance Procedure.

The written grievance procedure shall establish a system of receiving, reviewing,
and alleviating concerns, complaints and allegations of resident rights violations, and poor
service provided to include, but not limited to:
(i) Resident’s method to express and document grievances;
(ii) Documentation of the provider’s response to verbal and written resident
(iii) List of agencies, with address and telephone numbers for residents to
contact if grievances are not addressed satisfactorily (e.g. State Long Term Care Ombudsman
and the Department of Health, Office of Licensing and Surveys); and
(iv) The facility shall provide written reports of the grievances and resolutions
to the Ombudsman and the Licensing Division within ten (10) days after the grievance is filed.
The written grievance procedure shall be posted in a conspicuous place within the
(h) Complaint Investigations.
(i) Resident complaints shall be referred to the Long Term Care Ombudsman
or the Licensing Division.