CoConducting laundry services

Everybody loves doing laundry, right?! I am sure the answer is a resounding yes, especially when the laundry is someone else’s! Handling resident laundry can be a difficult task for facilities due to the massive amount they are tasked with. Alas, the OHFLAC has issued the following regulation as to how facilities must perform laundry services in the state of West Virginia:

10.6.  Laundry.


10.6.1.  The licensee shall ensure that all laundry is dried mechanically in an electric or gas clothes dryer that is vented to the outside, or that a chemical sanitizing agent is added to the rinse water, and the laundry air-dried.  (Class II)


10.6.2.  The licensee shall ensure that soiled and clean laundry are not stored together at any time; that soiled laundry is stored in non-absorbent, easily cleanable covered containers, or disposable plastic bags; that table and kitchen linens are laundered separately from other washable goods; and that sanitizing agents are used when laundering kitchen, bath, and bed linens.  (Class II)


10.6.3.  The licensee shall use locked storage facilities, separate from food and drugs, for laundry supplies, housekeeping supplies, insecticides, work supplies, and any other toxic or hazardous material or equipment.  (Class I)

Pro Tip:

  • Assign residents a specific laundry day (communicate with them if you need to change it)
  • Provide them with a washable mesh bag to put laundry in
  • Ensure staff is aware of expectations related to laundry services