Healing wounds in the ALF

Due to the increased nature of skin sensitivity in our senior population, it is extremely common for residents to be present to us with different types of wounds. These wounds can range in size, depth, and severity based on a multitude of factors. While we can both accept new residents and retain our current residents who have certain wounds, we must follow the following guideline provided by CCLD:


(a) Except as specified in Section 87611(a), the licensee shall be permitted to accept or retain a resident who has a healing wound under the following circumstances:

(1) When care is performed by or under the supervision of an appropriately skilled professional.

(2) When the wound is the result of surgical intervention and care is performed as directed by the surgeon.

(3) Residents with a stage one or two pressure sore (dermal ulcer) must have the condition diagnosed by an appropriately skilled professional.

(A) The resident shall receive care for the pressure sore (dermal ulcer) from an appropriately skilled professional.

(B) All aspects of care performed by the medical professional and facility staff shall be documented in the resident’s file.

(b) A skin tear is not a healing wound.