1.             Heating, air-conditioning, piping, boilers and ventilation equipment shall be furnished, installed and maintained to meet all requirements of current state and local mechanical, electrical and construction codes.  All facilities shall have documentation that fuel-fire heating systems have been checked, tested and maintained annually by qualified personnel.
  2.             The heating method used by the facility shall provide a minimum temperature of seventy (70) degrees fahrenheit, measured at three (3) feet above the floor, in all rooms used by the residents.
  3.             No open-face gas or electric heater nor unprotected single shell gas or electric heating device shall be used for heating the facility.  Portable heating units shall not be used for heating the facility.  All heating appliances shall be permanently anchored and kept away from flammables such as curtains, bedcovering, trash containers, or clothing.  No heating appliance shall be located where the unit or wiring is a tripping hazard or presents danger from electrical shock.
  4.             Fireplaces and open flame heating shall not be utilized in sleeping rooms.
  5.             Gas fired water heaters shall not be located in sleeping rooms, bathrooms, or rooms opening into sleeping rooms.
  6.             The facility shall be adequately ventilated at all times to provide fresh air and the control of unpleasant odors by either mechanical or natural means.
  7.             All openings to the outside air used for ventilation shall be screened for the control of insects and rodents.  Screen doors shall be equipped with self-closing devices.
  8.             The facility shall have a system for maintaining the residents comfort during periods of hot weather.  Fans shall not be located where the unit or wiring is a tripping hazard.  Fans shall be provided with protective shields when there is a potential for contact by any individual.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]