481—57.26(135C) Housekeeping.
57.26(1) Written procedures shall be established and implemented for daily and weekly cleaning
schedules. (III)
57.26(2) Each resident unit shall be cleaned on a routine schedule. (III)
57.26(3) All rooms, corridors, storage areas, linen closets, attics, and basements shall be kept in a
clean, orderly condition, free of unserviceable furniture and equipment and accumulations of refuse. (III)
57.26(4) A hallway or corridor shall not be used for storage of equipment. (III)
57.26(5) All odors shall be kept under control by cleanliness and proper ventilation. (III)
57.26(6) Clothing worn by personnel shall be clean and washable. (III)
57.26(7) Housekeeping and maintenance personnel shall be provided with well-constructed and
properly maintained equipment appropriate to the function for which it is to be used. (III)
57.26(8) All furniture, bedding, linens, and equipment shall be cleaned periodically and before use
by another resident. (III)
57.26(9) Polishes used on floors shall provide a nonslip finish. (III)
57.26(10) Throw or scatter rugs shall not be permitted. (III)
57.26(11) Entrances, exits, steps, and outside walkways shall be kept free from ice, snow, and other
hazards. (II, III)
57.26(12) Residents shall not have access to storage areas for all cleaning agents, bleaches,
insecticides, or any other poisonous, dangerous, or flammable materials. (II, III)
57.26(13) Sufficient numbers of noncombustible trash containers, which have covers, shall be
available. (III)
57.26(14) Personal possessions of residents which may constitute hazards to themselves or to others
shall be removed and stored. (III)