37.106.2862 HOUSEKEEPING (1) The following housekeeping rules must be followed:

  • Supplies and equipment must be properly stored and must be on hand in a quantity sufficient to permit frequent cleaning of floors, walls, woodwork, windows and screens;
  • Housekeeping personnel must be trained in proper procedures for preparing cleaning solutions, cleaning rooms and equipment and handling clean and soiled linen, trash and trays;
  • Cleaners used in cleaning bathtubs, showers, lavatories, urinals, toilet bowls, toilet seats and floors must contain fungicides or germicides with current EPA registration for that purpose; and
  • Garbage and trash must be stored for final disposal in areas separate from those used for preparation and storage of food and must be removed from the facility Garbage containers must be kept clean.

(i) Containers used to store garbage in the kitchen and laundry room of the facility must be covered with a lid unless the containers are kept in an enclosed cupboard that is clean and prevents infestation by vermin. These containers shall be emptied daily and kept clean.