You want to make space in your ALF’s office but you are not sure how long you are required to keep certain items. According to regulation 58A-5.024 Records you can get rid of items.

Fire Safety inspection reports issued by the local authority or the State Fire Marshal pursuant to Section issued within the last two (2) years.

Keep 2 yrs

Sanitation inspection reports issued by the county health department pursuant issued within the last 2 years.

Keep 2 yrs

Completed survey, inspection and complaint investigation reports, and notices of sanctions and moratoriums issued by the agency within the last 5 years.

Keep 5 yrs

Resident contracts which must be retained for 5 years,

Keep 5 yrs

All Resident records “except contracts”shall be retained for 2 years following the departure of a resident from the facility.

Keep 2 yrs after dc

The facility shall maintain the facility’s written work schedules and staff time sheets for the last 6 months.

Keep the last 6 months


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