Hybrid Training Option - ALF Boss

Hybrid Training Option Highlights:

Welcome: Introducing our Hybrid Training Option, a pioneering approach that combines the engaging nature of in-person classes with the flexibility and accessibility of online education. This option is designed for you to customize your learning path, enabling you to participate in live sessions on your schedule and complete the rest of the course online.

Flexibility and Convenience: This innovative model provides unmatched versatility, perfectly marrying the interactive benefits of traditional classroom learning with the adaptability of online coursework. Immerse yourself in lively, in-person discussions with instructors and fellow learners, enhancing the communal learning experience. At the same time, enjoy the autonomy to progress through online segments at your own pace, from wherever you choose.

Adaptability: Our Hybrid Training Option is tailored to meet a variety of learning styles and personal schedules, ensuring that your educational pursuits fit effortlessly into your life and commitments.

  • Flexibility: Join live classes when it fits your schedule and advance through the remainder of the course online, striking an ideal equilibrium between personal interaction and the ease of digital learning.

  • Benefit: This approach integrates the best of both learning environments, offering the richness of direct personal engagement along with the flexibility of online education, to deliver a well-rounded learning experience.

  • Requirement: To achieve certification, you’ll need to successfully complete the curriculum, which includes both in-person sessions and online components.

Embark on a training journey that’s adaptive, advantageous, and designed with your unique needs in mind!

In-Person Course prerequisites:
To enroll in this course, it is mandatory to register and make full payment beforehand.

Cancellation Policy:
Please note that cancellations made less than a week before the class starts are not eligible for refunds. Should you need a refund or change of class date, a $20 administrative charge will apply.
ALF Boss may cancel a class if the required minimum number of students is not reached. In such cases, students will be informed at least four days before the class date. Affected students will have the choice to either move to a different class date and/or location or receive a full refund