Incident Reports.

  1. Program Staff [of the assisted living program] shall complete an incident report within 24 hours of having knowledge that an incident, as defined in Regulation .02B(35) of this chapter, occurred.
  2. The [assisted living program] licensee shall make incident reports available on the premises to the Department and any government agency designated by the Department.
  3. All incident reports shall include:

(1) Time, date, place, and individuals present;

(2) Complete description of the incident;

(3) Response of the staff at the time; and

(4) Notification[, including notification] to the:

(a) Resident, or if appropriate the resident’s representative;

(b) Resident’s [physician] health care practitioner, if appropriate;

(c) Program’s delegating nurse or case manager;

(d) Licensing or law enforcement authorities, when appropriate; and

[(e)] (5) Follow-up activities, including investigation of the occurrence and steps to prevent its reoccurrence.

D. The licensee shall notify the Department within 24 hours of a resident death resulting from:

(1) Abuse;

(2) Wandering;

(3) A medication error;

(4) Burns; or

(5) Any injury incurred at the program.