INCORPORATED AND RELATED RULES AND CODES:  The facilities that are subject to this rule are also subject to other rules, codes and standards that may, from time to time, be amended.  This includes the following:

  1.             Health Facility Licensure Fees and Procedures, New Mexico Department of Health, 7.1.7 NMAC.
  2.             Health Facility Sanctions and Civil Monetary Penalties, New Mexico Department of Health, 7.1.8 NMAC.
  3.             Adjudicatory Hearings for Licensed Facilities, New Mexico Department of Health, 7.1.2 NMAC.
  4.             Caregiver’s Criminal History Screening Requirements, 7.1.9 NMAC.
  5.             Employee Abuse Registry 7.1.12 NMAC.
  6.             Incident Reporting, Intake Processing and Training Requirements 7.1.13 NMAC.

[ NMAC – N, 1/15/2010]


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