0406 Infection Control -OFFENSE
410 IAC16.2-5-12(a)
(a) The facility must establish and maintain an infection control practice designed to
provide a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment and to help prevent the
development and transmission of diseases and infection.

0407 Infection Control – Noncompliance
410 IAC 16.2-5-12(b)(1-4)
(b) The facility must establish an infection control program that includes the following:
(1) A system that enables the facility to analyze patterns of known infectious symptoms.
(2) Provides orientation and in-service education on infection prevention and control,
including universal precautions.
(3) Offering health information to residents, including, but not limited to, infection
transmission and immunizations.
(4) Reporting communicable disease to public health authorities.

0408 Infection Control – Noncompliance
410 IAC 16.2-5-12(c)
(c) Each resident shall have a diagnostic chest x-ray completed no more than six (6)
months prior to admission.

0409 Infection Control -Noncompliance
410 IAC16.2-5-12(d)
(d) Prior to admission, each resident shall be required to have a health assessment,
including history of significant past or present infectious diseases and a statement that
the resident shows no evidence of tuberculosis in an infectious stage as verified upon
admission and yearly thereafter.

0410 Infection Control -Noncompliance
410 IAC16.2-5-12(e)(f)(g)
(e) In addition, a tuberculin skin test shall be completed within three (3) months prior
to admission or upon admission and read at forty-eight (48) to seventy-two (72)
hours. The result shall be recorded in millimeters of induration with the date given,
date read, and by whom administered and read.
(f) For residents who have not had a documented negative tuberculin skin test result
during the preceding twelve (12) months, the baseline tuberculin skin testing should
employ the two-step method. If the first step is negative, a second test should be
performed within one (1) to three (3) weeks after the first test. The frequency of
repeat testing will depend on the risk of infection with tuberculosis.
(g) All residents who have a positive reaction to the tuberculin skin test shall be
required to have a chest x-ray and other physical and laboratory examinations in
order to complete a diagnosis.

0411 Infection Control -Noncompliance
410 IAC16.2-5-12(h)
(h) All skin testing for tuberculosis shall be done using the Mantoux method (5TU,
PPD) administered by persons having documentation of training from a
department-approved course of instruction in intradermal tuberculin skin testing,
reading, and recording.

0412 Infection Control -Noncompliance
410 IAC16.2-5-12(i)
(i) Persons with a documented history of a positive tuberculin skin test, adequate
treatment for disease, or preventive therapy for infection shall be exempt from further
skin testing. In lieu of a tuberculin skin test, these persons should have an annual risk
assessment for the development of symptoms suggestive of tuberculosis, including,
but not limited to, cough, fever, night sweats, and weight loss. If symptoms are
present, the individual shall be evaluated immediately with a chest x-ray.

0413 Infection Control -Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-12(j)
(j) When the infection control program determines that a resident needs isolation to
prevent the spread of infection, the facility must isolate the resident only to the degree
needed to isolate the infecting organism.

0414 Infection Control -Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-12(k)
(k) The facility must require staff to wash their hands after each direct resident
contact for which hand washing is indicated by accepted professional practice.