19.1 The assisted living residence shall have an infection control program that provides initial and
annual staff training on infection prevention and control. Such training shall cover, at a minimum,
the following items:
(A) Modes of infection transmission,
(B) The importance of hand washing and proper techniques,
(C) Use of personal protective equipment including proper use of disposable gloves, and
(D) Cleaning and disinfection techniques.

Policies and Procedures

19.2 The assisted living residence shall have and follow written policies and procedures that address
the transmission of communicable diseases with a significant risk of transmission to other
persons and for reporting diseases to the state and/or local health department, pursuant to 6
CCR 1009-1, Epidemic and Communicable Disease Control.

19.3 The policies and procedures shall include at a minimum, all of the following criteria:
(A) The method for monitoring and encouraging employee wellness,
(B) The method for tracking infection patterns and trends and initiating a response,
(C) The method for determining when to seek assistance from a medical professional and/or
the local health department,
(D) Isolation techniques, and
(E) Appropriate handling of linen and clothing of residents with communicable infections.
Infectious Waste Management

19.4 Any item containing blood, body fluid or body waste from a resident with a contagious condition
shall be presumed to be infectious waste and shall be disposed of in the room where it is used
into a sturdy plastic bag, then re-bagged outside the room and disposed of consistent with the
medical waste disposal requirements at section 24.2