§ 44-103.02. Initial ALR licensure.

(a) Applications for licensure shall be made in writing on a form or forms prescribed by the
Mayor at least 60 days prior to the date needed.
(b) An applicant for ALR licensure shall pay a licensure fee as determined by the Mayor.
(c) An ALR license issued by the Mayor shall state the effective date and expiration date of the
license and a maximum number of residents allowed to reside in the ALR.
(d) An application for an ALR license shall include the following information:
(1) Identification of the owner and documentation supporting the fact that the ALR is owned or
otherwise under the control of the applicant; j
(2) Identification of the ALA and information concerning the ALA’s qualifications;
(3) Criminal background check information pursuant to subchapter II of Chapter 5 of this title;
(4) Documentation and explanation of any prior denial, suspension, or revocation of license to
provide care to third parties;
(5) Location of the ALR;
(6) Statement of program;
(7) Proof of solvency;
(8) Proof of insurance coverage;
(9) Statement of services to be offered;
(10) Maximum number of residents planned;
(11) Verification that the real property where the ALR is located is owned, leased, or otherwise
under the control of the applicant; and
(12) Structure of applicant’s organization and names of board members and officers.
(e)(1) The Mayor shall conduct an initial pre-licensure inspection of the premises of the ALR
and of its records.
(2) An applicant for licensure shall provide the following information at the time of the prelicensure inspection:
(A) Certificate of occupancy;
(B) Disaster plan;
(C) Staffing plan;
(D) Resident funds management system;
(E) Medication management system;
(F) Individual Service Plan policy and procedures;
(G) Admission, transfer, and discharge policies;
(H) Resident agreements, both financial and nonfinancial;
(I) Location of the ALR;
(J) Maximum number of residents to be served;
(K) Program statement;
(L) Proof of solvency; and
(M) Other reasonably relevant information required by the Mayor.
(f) Based on information obtained during the pre-licensure inspection required by subsection
(e) of this section, the Mayor shall either approve the application unconditionally for 12
months or deny the application.
(g) The Mayor shall re-inspect an ALR within 6 months of the effective date of the initial