He-P 805.09 Inspections.

  • For the purpose of determining compliance with RSA 151 and He-P 805, as authorized by RSA 151:6 and RSA 151:6-a, the licensee shall admit and allow any department representative at any time to inspect the following:
    • The licensed premises;
    • All programs and services provided by the SRHCF; and
    • Any records required by RSA 151 and He-P
  • The department shall conduct a clinical and life safety code inspection, as necessary, to determine full compliance with RSA 151 and He-P 805 prior to:
    • The issuance of an initial license;
    • A change in ownership, except as allowed by He-P 08(e)(1);
  • A change in the physical location of the SRHCF;
  • A change in the licensing classification, as defined in He-P 03(ai);
  • A change in the life safety code occupancy chapter the facility is licensed under;
  • An increase in the number of beds;
  • Occupation of space after construction, renovations or alterations; or
  • The renewal of a
  • In addition to (b) above, the department shall conduct an inspection to verify the implementation of any POC accepted or issued by the
  • A notice of deficiencies for clinical inspections or notice to correct for life safety inspections shall be issued when, as a result of any inspection, the department determines that the SRHCF is in violation of any of the provisions of He-P 805, RSA 151, or any applicable
  • If deficiencies were cited in either a notice to correct or a deficiency report, the licensee shall submit a POC, in accordance with He-P 12(c)


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