Issuance of license.

A facility meeting the definition of a basic care facility as outlined in North Dakota Century Code chapter 23-09.3, North Dakota Administrative Code chapter 33-03-24.2, and this chapter must obtain a license from the department in order to operate in North Dakota.

  1. Application to operate a facility must be made to the department prior to opening a facility, prior to change in ownership, annually, and upon determination by the department that a facility meets the definition of a basic care
  2. Floor plans must be submitted to the department for review and approval prior to opening a facility and prior to making structural alterations, including those which increase or decrease resident bed
  3. Upon receipt of an application for an initial license, the department may schedule an inspection. Upon completion of the inspection and consideration of the findings, the department may issue an initial or provisional license, or deny the
  4. An initial license is valid for a period not to exceed one year and shall expire on December thirty-first of the year
  5. Licenses must be issued on a calendar year basis and expire on December thirty-first of each An application for licensure renewal must be received by the department with sufficient time prior to the beginning of the licensure period to process.


  1. A provisional license may be issued to a facility that does not comply with this chapter if practices in the facility do not pose a danger to the health and safety of the residents, as determined by the
    1. A provisional license must be accompanied by a written statement of the specific rules or statutes violated and the expiration date of the license, which is not to exceed three months from the date of
    2. If compliance with the requirements has been determined by the department prior to the expiration of the provisional license, an annual license may be issued. If an acceptable plan of correction has been approved by the department but compliance has not yet been achieved, the provisional license may be renewed no more than one time for an additional period up to three months at the discretion of the
  2. Once issued, the facility shall display the license in a conspicuous place. A license is not subject to sale, assignment, or other transfer, voluntary or involuntary. A license is not valid for any premises other than those for which originally
  3. The department may, at any time, inspect a facility that the department determines meets the definition of a basic care facility as described in North Dakota Century Code chapter 23-09.3 and this
  4. The facility must provide the department access to any material and information necessary, as determined by the department, for determining compliance with these
  5. Information regarding facilities is public information and is available upon request through the department.