481—57.28(135C) Laundry.
57.28(1) All soiled linens shall be collected in and transported to the laundry room in closed,
leakproof laundry bags or covered, impermeable containers. (III)
57.28(2) Except for related activities, the laundry room shall not be used for other purposes. (III)
57.28(3) Procedures shall be written for the proper handling of wet, soiled, and contaminated linens.
57.28(4) Residents’ personal laundry shall be marked with an identification. (III)
57.28(5) Bed linens, towels, and washcloths shall be clean and stain-free. (III)
57.28(6) If laundry is done in the facility, the following shall be provided:
a. A clean, dry, well-lighted area to accommodate a washer and dryer of adequate size to serve
the needs of the facility. (III)
b. In facilities of over 15 beds, the laundry room shall be divided into separate areas, one for
sorting soiled linen and one for sorting and folding clean linen. (III)

481—57.29(135C) Garbage and waste disposal.
57.29(1) All garbage shall be gathered, stored and disposed of in a manner that will not permit
the transmission of disease, create a nuisance, or provide a breeding or feeding place for vermin or insects.(III)
57.29(2) All containers for refuse shall be watertight, rodent-proof, and have tight-fitting covers.(III)
57.29(3) All containers shall be thoroughly cleaned each time the containers are emptied. (III)
57.29(4) All wastes shall be properly disposed of in compliance with local ordinances and state codes. (III)
57.29(5) Special provisions shall be made for the disposal of soiled dressings and similar items in a
safe, sanitary manner. (III)