NAC 449.126  Laundry requirements.

     1.  A facility must maintain:

     (a) A laundry with equipment which is adequate for the sanitary washing and finishing of linen and other washable goods; or

     (b) A written agreement with a commercial establishment to provide laundry services for the facility.

     2.  The laundry must be situated in an area which is separate from any area where food is stored, prepared or served. The laundry must be well-lighted, ventilated, adequate in size to house the equipment and maintained in a sanitary manner. The equipment must be kept in good repair.

     3.  Soiled linen must be collected and transported to the laundry in washable or disposable covered containers in a sanitary manner.

     4.  Clean linen to be dried, ironed, folded, transferred or distributed must be handled in a sanitary manner, specified in writing.

     5.  Closets for storing linen and laundry supplies must be provided and must not be used for any other purpose.