LAUNDRY SERVICES:

  1.             General requirements.  The facility shall provide laundry services for the residents, either on the premises or through a commercial laundry and linen service.

                                (1)           On-site laundry facilities shall be located in areas separate from the resident units and shall be provided with necessary washing and drying equipment.

                                (2)           Soiled laundry shall be kept separate from clean laundry, unless the laundry facility is provided for resident use only.

                                (3)           Staff shall handle, store, process and transport linens with care to prevent the spread of infectious and communicable disease.

                                (4)           Soiled laundry shall not be stored in the kitchen or dining areas.  The building design and layout shall ensure the separation of laundry room from kitchen and dining areas.  An exterior route to the laundry room is not an acceptable alternative, unless it is completely enclosed.

                                (5)           In new construction or newly licensed facilities with more than fifteen (15) residents, washers shall be in separate rooms from dryers.  The rooms with washers shall have negative air pressure from the other facility rooms.

                                (6)           All linens shall be changed as needed and at least weekly or when a new resident is to occupy the bed.

                                (7)           The mattress pad, blankets and bedspread shall be laundered as needed and at least once per month or when a new resident is to occupy the bed.

                                (8)           Bath linens consisting of hand towel, bath towel and washcloth shall be changed as needed and at least weekly.

                                (9)           There shall be a clean, dry, well ventilated storage area provided for clean linen.

                                (10)         Facility laundry supplies and cleaning supplies shall not be kept in the same storage areas used for the storage of foods and clean storage and shall be kept in a secured room or cabinet.

  1.             Residents may do their own laundry, if it is their preference and they are capable of doing so, or if it is part of their skill-building for independent living and is documented as part of their ISP.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]