General Requirements:

15.1 The assisted living residence shall make laundry services available in one or more of the
following ways:
(A) Providing laundry service for the residents,
(B) Providing access to laundry equipment so that the residents may do their own laundry,
(C) Making arrangements with a commercial laundry, or
(D) Coordinating with friends or family members who choose to provide laundry services for a

15.2 There shall be separate storage areas for soiled linen and clothing.

15.3 The assisted living residence shall address resident sensitivities or allergies with regard to
laundry detergents or methods.
Assisted Living Residence Laundry Service

15.4 If providing laundry service for residents, the assisted living residence shall ensure the following:
(A) Washing machines and dryers are properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s
(B) Bed and bath linens are cleaned at least weekly or more frequently to meet individual
resident needs while blankets are cleaned as necessary;
(D) Laundry personnel or designated staff handle, store, process, transport and return
laundry in a way that prevents the spread of infection or cross contamination;
(E) Personal clothing is returned to the appropriate resident in a presentable, ready-to-wear
manner in order to promote resident respect and dignity; and
(E) The appropriate resident representative is notified if a resident needs additional clothing
or linens.
Resident Access

15.5 If a resident independently uses the assisted living residence laundry area, the assisted living
residence shall ensure that:
(A) The resident is instructed in the proper use of the equipment,
(B) There is a readily available schedule showing when resident use is permitted, and
(C) The resident has the means to independently access the area during the permitted times.