Let us talk fecal impaction

Okay…This may not be something you want to talk about. But when we are responsible for the care of older adults, we may come in contact with someone who is suffering from fecal impaction. This impaction can be caused by underlying issues such as constipation, usage of opioids, low activity level, or bad bathroom habits. To effectively manage the care of someone dealing with this issue check out the following regulation provided by CCLD:


(a) The licensee shall be permitted to accept or retain a resident who requires manual fecal impaction removal, enemas, or use of suppositories under the following circumstances:

(1) Self-care by the resident.

(2) Manual fecal impaction removal, enemas, and/or suppositories shall be permitted if administered according to physician’s orders by either the resident or an appropriately skilled professional.

(b) In addition to Section 87611, General Requirements for Allowable Health Conditions, the licensee shall be responsible for the following:

(1) Ensuring that the administration of enemas or suppositories or manual fecal impaction removal is performed by an appropriately skilled professional should the resident require assistance.

(2) Privacy shall be afforded when care is being provided