He-P 805.06 License Expirations and Procedures for Renewals.

  • A license shall be valid on the date of issuance and expire the following year on the last day of the month it was issued unless a completed application for renewal has been
  • Each licensee shall complete and submit to the department an application form pursuant to He-P 805.04(a)(1) at least 120 days prior to the expiration of the current
  • The licensee shall submit with the renewal application:
    • The materials required by He-P 805.04(a)(1) and (4);
    • The current license number;
    • A request for renewal of any existing non-permanent waiver previously granted by the department, in accordance with He-P 805.10(f), if applicable;
    • A list of any current employees who have a permanent waiver granted in accordance with He-P 805.18(c); and
    • A copy of any non-permanent or new variances applied for or granted by the state fire marshal, in accordance with Saf-C 6005.03 – 04.
  • In addition to (c) above, if a private water supply is used, the licensee shall provide documentation that every 3 years the water supply has been tested for bacteria and nitrates and determined to be at acceptable levels, in accordance with Env-Ws 313.01 for bacteria and Env-Ws 314.01 for
  • Following an inspection as described in He-P 805.09, a license shall be renewed if the department determines that the licensee:
    • Submitted an application containing all the items required by (c) and (d) above as applicable, prior to the expiration of the current license;
    • Has submitted a POC that has been accepted by the department and implemented by the licensee if deficiencies were cited at the last licensing inspection or investigation; and
  • Is found to be in compliance with RSA 151 and He-P 805 at the renewal



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