A license that is not a provisional license may be renewed for a period of up to one year if the licensee:
(1) submits an application for renewal in the format provided by the commissioner at least 60 calendar
days before the expiration of the license;
(2) submits the renewal fee under section 144G.12, subdivision 3;
(3) submits the late fee under section 144G.12, subdivision 4, if the renewal application is received less
than 30 days before the expiration date of the license or after the expiration of the license;
(4) provides information sufficient to show that the applicant meets the requirements of licensure,
including items required under section 144G.12, subdivision 1; and
(5) provides any other information deemed necessary by the commissioner.

A provisional licensee or licensee shall notify the commissioner in writing prior to a change in the
manager or authorized agent and within 60 calendar days after any change in the information required in
section 144G.12, subdivision 1, paragraph (a), clause (1), (3), (4), (17), or (18).


Subdivision 1. Transfers prohibited. An assisted living facility license may not be transferred to another

Subd. 2. New license required. (a) A prospective licensee must apply for a license prior to operating a
currently licensed assisted living facility. The new license, if issued, shall not be a provisional license. The
licensee must change whenever one of the following events occur:
(1) the form of the licensee’s legal entity structure is converted or changed to a different type of legal
entity structure;
(2) the licensee dissolves, consolidates, or merges with another legal organization and the licensee’s
the legal organization does not survive;
(3) within the previous 24 months, 50 percent or more of the licensee is transferred, whether by a single
transaction or multiple transactions, to:
(i) a different person; or
(ii) a person who had less than a five percent ownership interest in the facility at the time of the first
transaction; or
(4) any other event or combination of events that results in a substitution, elimination, or withdrawal of
the licensee’s responsibility for the facility.
(b) The prospective licensee must provide written notice to the department at least 60 calendar days
prior to the anticipated date of the change of licensee.

Subd. 3. Survey required. For all new licensees after a change of ownership, the commissioner shall
complete a survey within six months after the new license is issued.