481—57.8(135C) Licenses for distinct parts.
57.8(1) Separate licenses may be issued for distinct parts of a health care facility which are clearly
identifiable, containing contiguous rooms in a separate wing or building or on a separate floor of the
facility and which provide care and services of separate categories.
57.8(2) The following requirements shall be met for a separate licensing of a distinct part:
a. The distinct part shall serve only residents who require the category of care and services
immediately available to them within that part; (III)
b. The distinct part shall meet all the standards, rules, and regulations pertaining to the category
for which a license is being sought;
c. The distinct part must be operationally and financially feasible;
d. A separate personal care staff with qualifications appropriate to the care and services being
rendered must be regularly assigned and working in the distinct part under responsible management;
e. Separately licensed distinct parts may have certain services such as management, building
maintenance, laundry and dietary in common with each other.