1.             All areas of the facility, including storerooms, stairways, hallways, and interior and exterior entrances shall be lighted to make the area clearly visible.
  2.             Exits, exit-access ways and other areas used at night by residents and staff shall be illuminated by night lights or other continuous lighting.
  3.             Lighting fixtures shall be selected and located to accommodate the needs and activities of the residents, with the comfort and convenience of the residents in mind.
  4.             Lamps and lighting fixtures shall be shaded to prevent glare to the eyes of residents and staff, and protected from accidental breakage or shattering.
  5.             Facilities with four (4) or more residents shall have emergency lighting to light exit passageways and the exterior area near the exits that activates automatically upon disruption of electrical service.
  6.             Facilities with three (3) or fewer residents shall have a flashlight that is immediately available for use in lieu of electrically interconnected emergency lighting.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]