481—57.27(135C) Maintenance.

57.27(1) Each facility shall establish a maintenance program to ensure the continued maintenance
of the facility, to promote good housekeeping procedures, and ensure sanitary practices throughout the
facility. In facilities over 15 beds, this program shall be established in writing and available for review
by the department. (III)
57.27(2) The building, grounds, and other buildings shall be maintained in a clean, orderly condition
and in good repair. (III)
57.27(3) Draperies and furniture shall be clean and in good repair. (III)
57.27(4) Cracks in plaster, peeling wallpaper or paint, and tears or splits in floor coverings shall be
promptly repaired or replaced in a professional manner. (III)
57.27(5) The electrical systems, including appliances, cords, and switches, shall be maintained to
guarantee safe functioning and comply with the national electric code. (III)
57.27(6) All plumbing fixtures shall function properly and comply with the state plumbing code.(III)
57.27(7) Yearly inspections of the heating and cooling systems shall be made to guarantee safe
operation. (III)
57.27(8) The building, grounds, and other buildings shall be kept free of breeding areas for flies,
other insects, and rodents. (III)
57.27(9) The facility shall be kept free of flies, other insects, and rodents. (III)
57.27(10) Janitor closet.
a. Facilities shall be provided with storage for cleaning equipment, supplies, and utensils. (III)
b. Mops, scrub pails, and other cleaning equipment used in the resident areas shall not be stored
or used in the dietary area. (III)
c. In facilities licensed for over 15 beds, a janitor’s closet shall be provided. It shall be equipped
with water for filling scrub pails and a janitor’s sink for emptying scrub pails. (III)