Managing the Colostomy

A colostomy is an operation that connects the colon to the abdominal wall, while an ileostomy connects the last part of the small intestine to the abdominal wall. A person suffering from bowel infections, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, and other serious conditions can cause them to need this corrective measure. Providing care for a resident who is equipped with a colostomy or ileostomy can be difficult due to the increased needs the resident requires. To stay compliant with CCLD regulations for -stormy care check out the following regulation:


(a) Except as specified in Section 87611(a), the licensee shall be permitted to accept or retain a resident who has a colostomy or ileostomy under the following circumstances:

(1) If the resident is mentally and physically capable of providing all routine care for his/her ostomy, and the physician has documented that the ostomy is completely healed. OR

(2) If assistance in the care of the ostomy is provided by an appropriately skilled professional.

(b) In addition to Section 87611(b), the licensees shall be responsible for the following:

(1) Ensuring that ostomy care is provided by an appropriately skilled professional.

(A) The ostomy bag and adhesive may be changed by facility staff who have been instructed by the professional.

(B) There shall be written documentation by an appropriately skilled professional outlining the instruction of the procedures delegated and the names of the facility staff who have been instructed.

(C) The professional shall review the procedures and techniques no less than twice a month.

(2) Ensuring that used bags are discarded as specified in Section 87303(f)(1).

(3) Privacy shall be afforded when ostomy care is provided.