44-109.05. Medication administration.

(a) Licensed nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and TMEs may administer medications to
residents or assist residents with taking their medications.
(b)(1) Each resident shall be identified prior to drug administration.
(2) Drugs prescribed for one resident shall not be administered to another resident.
(3) The TME shall report drug errors to the healthcare practitioner or licensed nurse and shall
document the incident in the resident’s record.

 44-109.06. Medication Management Training Program.

(a) The Mayor shall develop medication management training courses which shall be approved
by the Board of Nursing. The medication administration training program shall include
instruction in the following areas:
(1) Cuing, coaching, and monitoring residents who self-administer medications with or without
(2) Pharmacology;
(3) Terminology related to medication;
(4) Procedures and precautions in administering medication;
(5) Types of medication;
(6) Actions, interactions, and effects of medication;
(7) Administration of medication in an emergency or life-threatening circumstances;
(8) Recordkeeping, storage, handling, and disposal requirements for medications;
(9) Rights of residents;
(10) Monitoring of vital signs;
(11) Federal and District of Columbia laws governing medication; and
(12) Reference sources related to medication.
(b) The Mayor shall maintain a list of approved medication administration courses for the
training of persons to be certified by the District of Columbia as TMEs.
(c) In order to maintain certification, every 2 years a TME shall successfully complete a clinical
update or refresher course approved by the Mayor.
(d) The ALA shall document completion of the medication training course in TME’s personnel file.