Assisted Living Services Agencies. A licensed nurse may administer
medications and/or pre-pour medications for residents who are able to self-administer
medications. Family members may also assist a relative with self-administration of
medications by preparing or pre-pouring medications.
With the approval of the resident or his or her representative, an assisted living
services agency aide may supervise a resident’s self-administration of medications,
including reminding, verifying, and opening medication packages. All medications must
be stored in the resident’s unit.

Residential Care Homes. Residents may self-administer medications, and may
request assistance from staff with opening containers or packages and replacing lids.
Unlicensed staff may administer medications if they have been trained by a registered
pharmacist, physician, physician assistant, RN, or advanced practice RN, in the
methods of medication administration and must have successfully completed a written
examination and practicum administered by the Connecticut League For Nursing or
other Department-approved certifying organization.
If the RCH permits the administration of medication by certified program staff, a
program staff member trained and certified to administer medication by the route
ordered by the authorized prescriber must be present at all times whenever a resident
has to take physician-prescribed medication.