As allowed by state laws and regulations, staff may assist residents in the self-administration of prescription and non-prescription medication as agreed to in their
contract or service plan. Assistance with self-administration of medication is limited to
the following:
• The resident may be reminded to take his/her medication.
• The medication regimen, as indicated on the container, maybe read to the
• The dosage may be checked according to the container label.
• Staff may open the medicine container (i.e., bottle, medi-set, blister pack, etc.) if
the resident lacks the ability to open the container.
• The resident may be physically assisted in pouring or otherwise taking
medications, so long as the resident understands what the medication is and why
they are taking the medication.
A resident’s family, other relatives, or the resident’s personal representative may
transfer medication from the original container to a medication reminder container (pill
organizer box) if desired by the resident. Residents may contract with an outside
source for medication administration; however, facilities may not contract for this
Staff who provide assistance with the self-administration of medications by
residents must have documented training on the medication assistance policies and
procedures, including the limitations of this assistance. This training must be repeated
at least annually.