MEETING ROOM:  The facility shall have adequate meeting rooms and office space for use by staff and the interdisciplinary care team.  Other rooms may serve as meeting rooms, provided resident confidentiality is maintained.

[ NMAC – N, 1/15/2010]                 DINING AREA:

  1.             A dining area shall be provided for meals.  Each dining area shall be designed and have furnishings to meet the individual needs of the residents.

                                (1)           Facilities with sixty (60) or fewer residents shall have tables and chairs in the dining area to accommodate the total number of residents in one sitting.

                                (2)           Facilities with more than sixty (60) residents shall provide seating for at least sixty (60) residents at one time, but may serve meals in shifts to accommodate the total capacity of the facility.

                                                (a)           No more than three (3) shifts are permitted for each meal.

                                                (b)           Facilities with more than sixty (60) residents and serving meals in shifts must have other social areas for residents to congregate during the meal service.

                                                (c)           All seating arrangements during meals shall allow clear access to the exits.

  1.             The living or multi-purpose room may be used as a dining area if the dining area portion does not exceed fifty (50) percent of the available floor space and still allows a comfortable arrangement of the necessary furnishings for a living area.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]                 WINDOWS:

  1.             Each sleeping room shall be provided with an exterior window.

                                (1)           The window shall be operable, screened and have a clear operable area of 5.7 square feet minimum; measured twenty (20) inches wide minimum and measured twenty-four (24) inches high minimum.

                                (2)           The top of the window sill shall not be more than forty-four (44) inches above the finished floor.

  1.             Screens shall be provided on all operable windows.
  2.             The proposed use of bars, grilles, grates or similar devices shall be reviewed and approved by the licensing authority prior to installation.
  3.             Sleeping rooms, living rooms, activity room areas and dining room areas shall have a window area of at least one tenth (1/10) of the floor area with a minimum of ten (10) square feet.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]                 FIRE CLEARANCE AND INSPECTIONS:

  1.             Written documentation of a facility’s compliance with applicable fire prevention codes shall be obtained from the state fire marshal’s office or the fire prevention authority with jurisdiction and shall be submitted to the licensing authority prior to the issuance of an initial license.
  2.             The facility shall request an annual fire inspection from the local fire prevention authorities.  If the policy of the local fire department does not provide an annual inspection of the facility, the facility will document the date the request was made and to whom and then contact licensing authorities.  If the local fire prevention authorities do make annual inspections, a copy of the latest inspection must be kept on file in the facility.


  1.             Fire alarm system.  Facilities with four (4) or more residents shall have a manual fire alarm system.  The manual fire alarm shall be inspected and approved in writing by the fire authority with jurisdiction.
  2.             Smoke and heat detection.  Approved smoke detectors shall be installed on each floor that when activated provides an alarm which is audible in all sleeping areas.  Areas of assembly, such as the dining and living room(s) must also be provided with smoke detectors.

                                (1)           Detectors shall be powered by the house electrical service and have battery backup.

                                (2)           Construction of new facilities or facilities remodeling or replacing existing smoke detectors shall provide detectors in common living areas and in each sleeping room.

                                (3)           Smoke detectors shall be installed in corridors at no more than thirty (30) foot spacing.

                                (4)           Heat detectors shall be installed in all kitchens and also powered by the house electrical service.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]                 AUTOMATIC FIRE PROTECTION (SPRINKLER) SYSTEM:  Facilities with nine (9) or more residents shall have an automatic fire protection (sprinkler) system.  The system shall be in accordance with NFPA 13 or NFPA 13D or its subsequent replacement as applicable.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]