Money, Money, Money

Due to the nature of money exchanging hands between your residents and you (your facility) it is prudent of you to keep pristine records regarding your financial affairs. You must also make the choice as to whether or not you will be willing to handle resident funds on behalf of them, which adds even more pressure for your financial office to ensure you are fiscally responsible. Check out the regulation below regarding resident finances provided by Texas HHSC:

RULE 553.41     Standards for Type A and Type B Assisted Living Facilities

(l) Resident finances. The assisted living facility must keep a simple financial record on all charges billed to the resident for care and these records must be available to DADS. If the resident entrusts the handling of any personal finances to the assisted living facility, a simple financial record must be maintained to document accountability for receipts and expenditures, and these records must be available to DADS. Receipts for payments from residents or family members must be issued upon request.