Orienting new residents

Orienting new residents

Moving into an assisted living facility can be a difficult adjustment for residents due to being in a completely new environment with unfamiliar faces. They may experience feelings of isolation, confusion, and even depression if they are not given a proper orientation as to what services the facility can provide them with. Fortunately, the Virginia DOSS has issued the following regulation mandating a proper orientation for all new residents of an assisted living facility:

22VAC40-73-410. Orientation and related information for residents.

  1. Upon admission, the assisted living facility shall provide an orientation for new residents and their legal representatives, including emergency response procedures, mealtimes, and use of the call system. If needed, the orientation shall be modified as appropriate for residents with cognitive impairments. Acknowledgment of having received the orientation shall be signed and dated by the resident and, as appropriate, his legal representative, and such documentation shall be kept in the resident’s record.
  2. Upon admission and upon request, the assisted living facility shall provide to the resident and, if appropriate, his legal representative, a written description of the types of staff persons working in the facility and the services provided, including the hours such services are available.


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