Rule 48.18.1 Required Areas/Rooms. The following areas/rooms are required to be provided
in a licensed facility:
1. Bedrooms;
2. Living room;
3. Dining Area;
4. Toilet and bathing facilities;
5. Laundry; and
6. Kitchen.

Rule 48.18.2 Bedrooms.
1. Location.

a. All resident bedrooms shall have an outside exposure and shall not be below grade. Window areas shall not be less than one-eighth (1/8) of the floor area.
The window sill shall not be over thirty-six (36) inches from the floor. Windows shall be operable.

b. Resident bedrooms shall be located so as to minimize the entrance of unpleasant odors, excessive noise, and other nuisances.

c. Resident bedrooms shall be directly accessible from the main corridor. In no case shall a resident bedroom be used for access to another resident bedroom
nor shall a resident bedroom be used for access to a required outside exit.

d. All resident bedrooms shall be so located that the resident can travel from his/her bedroom to a living room, day room, dining room, or toilet or bathing
facility without having to go through another resident bedroom.

e. Resident bedrooms shall house no more than four (4) persons each.

2. Furnishings.

a. Single beds shall be provided with good grade mattresses at least four (4) inches thick. Cots and roll-away beds shall not be used.

b. Each bed shall be equipped with a pillow and clean linens to include sheets, pillowcases, spreads, and blankets. An adequate supply of such linens shall be
provided at all times to allow for a change of linen at least once a week.

c. Chest of drawers or similar adequate storage space shall be provided for the clothing, toilet articles, and personal belongings of each resident.

d. Adequate closet space shall be provided for each resident.

e. An adequate number of comfortable, sturdy chairs shall be provided.

f. At least one (1) mirror, a minimum of 18″ x 24″, shall be provided in each bedroom.

g. The opportunity for personal expression shall be permitted.

h. A resident shall be permitted to use personal furnishings in lieu of those provided by the licensed facility, when practical.

3. Floor Area. The minimum usable floor area per bed shall be 80 square feet.

Rule 48.18.3 Living Room. Living rooms, daybooks, and/or recreation rooms shall be provided for residents and visitors. Each licensed facility shall provide at least two
(2) areas for this purpose: one (1) for small groups such as a private visit with relatives and friends; and one (1) for larger group activities. The living room
must be equipped with attractive, functional, and comfortable furniture in sufficient numbers to accommodate all residents. A minimum of 18 square feet
per bed shall be provided.

Rule 48.18.4 Dining Area. A dining area shall be provided which shall be adequate to seat all residents at the same meal seating. The dining area may also be used for social,
recreational, and/or religious services when not in use as a dining facility. A minimum of 15 Square feet per bed shall be provided.

Rule 48.18.5 Toilet and Bathing Facilities.
1. Separate toilet and bathing facilities shall be provided, on each floor, for each sex in the following ratios as a minimum.
a. Bathtubs/showers 1 per 12 or fraction thereof for each sex
b. Lavatories 1 per 6 or fraction thereof
c. Toilets 1 per 6 or fraction thereof
2. A lavatory with a mirror shall be provided in each toilet room or bedroom.
3. Bathtubs and showers shall be equipped with grab bars, towel racks, and non-glass
shower enclosures. Commodes shall be equipped with grab bars.

Rule 48.18.6 Laundry. Laundry facilities shall be provided unless commercial laundries are used.
1. The laundry shall be located in a specifically designated area, and there shall be adequate room and space for sorting, processing and storage of soiled material.
Laundry rooms or soiled linen storage areas shall not open directly into a resident’s bedroom or food service area. Soiled materials shall not be transported
through the food service area. The laundry area shall be kept clean and orderly.
2. If the commercial laundry is used, separate satisfactory storage areas shall be provided for clean and soiled linens.
3. Provisions shall be made for proper mechanical ventilation of the laundry.
4. Provisions shall also be made to prevent the recirculation of air through the heating and air-conditioning systems.
5. Adequate and effective lint traps shall be provided for dryers.
6. When laundry chutes are provided, they shall have a minimum diameter of two
(2) feet; and they shall be installed with flushing ring, vent, and drain.
a. An automatic sprinkler shall be provided at the top of the laundry chute and in any receiving room for a chute.
b. A self-closing door shall be provided at the bottom of the chute.
7. Laundry equipment shall be of the type to adequately perform the laundry needs
of the facility. The equipment shall be installed to comply with all local and state codes.
8. There shall be a separate and designated area for the storage of clean linen.

Rule 48.18.7 Kitchen. The kitchen area shall meet the requirements as set forth in these regulations.