481—57.15 (135C) Physical examinations.

57.15(1) Each resident in a residential care facility shall have a designated licensed physician, who
may be called when needed. (III)
57.15(2) Each resident admitted to a residential care facility shall have had a physical examination
prior to admission. (II, III)
a. If the resident is admitted directly from a hospital, a copy of the hospital admission physical
and discharge summary may be a part of the record in lieu of an additional physical examination. A
record of the examination, signed by the physician, shall be a part of the resident’s record. (II, III)
b. The record of the admission physical examination and medical history shall portray the current
medical status of the resident and shall include the resident’s name, sex, age, medical history, physical
examination, diagnosis, statement of chief complaints, and results of any diagnostic procedures. (II, III)
c. Screening and testing for tuberculosis shall be conducted pursuant to 481—Chapter 59. (I, II,
57.15(3) Arrangements shall be made to have a physician available to furnish medical care in case
of emergency. (II, III)
57.15(4) Rescinded, effective 7/14/82.
57.15(5) The person in charge shall immediately notify the physician of any accident, injury, or
adverse change in the resident’s condition. (I, II, III)
57.15(6) Each resident shall be visited by or shall visit the resident’s physician at least once each
year. The year period shall be measured from the date of admission and is not to include preadmission
physicals. Any required physician task or visit in a residential care facility may also be performed by an
advanced registered nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or physician assistant who is working in
collaboration with the physician. (III)
57.15(7) Residents shall be admitted to a residential care facility only on a written order signed
by a physician certifying that the individual being admitted requires no more than personal care and
supervision but does not require nursing care. (III)
This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code section 135C.23(2).