14.1        Applicable standards.  Buildings containing an Assisted Living Program must comply with all applicable local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding building safety, fire safety, handicapped accessibility, and fair housing practices.  When codes conflict, the higher standard shall apply.


14.2        Bathrooms.  Public bathrooms must be safe and sanitary.


14.3        Heat.  Heat needs to be available and individually controlled in each apartment.


14.4        Water temperature.  The hot water temperature for consumer use must be between 105°F. and 120°F. and in adequate supply.


14.5        Lockable door.  Each apartment must have a lockable door to common areas.


14.6        Food preparation area.  Each apartment must have an area for the purpose of storing and preparing food.  This area must include, as a minimum, six (6) square feet of clear countertop, a small refrigerator, bar-type sink, a cabinet for food storage, and either a two-burner stovetop or a microwave oven.


14.7        Private water supply. A private water supply shall be tested annually and a satisfactory result obtained.


14.8        Garbage and rubbish.  Pending removal, all refuse collected in common areas or from consumer apartments shall be stored in cleanable, rodent-proof, covered containers.


14.9        Insect and rodent control.  There shall be no evidence of rodent or insect infestation.  All reasonable precautions will be taken in maintaining a safe, sanitary and comfortable living environment in regards to controlling insects and rodents.


14.10      Poisonous and toxic materials.  When not in use, poisonous and toxic materials such as cleaning solutions, compounds and other non-food supplies, shall be stored in compartments which are used for no other purpose. They shall be separated from the food storage and preparation areas, clean equipment, utensil storage rooms and medication storage areas.  Bactericides and cleaning compounds shall not be stored in the same cabinet or area of the room with insecticides, rodenticides or other poisonous materials. All containers must be properly labeled for identification. This section does not apply to materials belonging to consumers and stored in their apartments.