9.1 The assisted living residence shall develop and at least annually review, all policies and
procedures. At a minimum, the assisted living residence shall have policies and procedures that
address the following items:
(A) Admission and discharge criteria in accordance with sections 11 and 25, if applicable;
(B) Resident rights;
(C) Grievance procedure and complaint resolution;
(D) Investigation of abuse, neglect and exploitation allegations;
(E) House rules;
(F) Emergency preparedness;
(G) Fall management;
(H) Provision of lift assistance, first aid, obstructed airway technique, and cardiopulmonary
(I) Unanticipated illness, injury, significant change of status from baseline or death of
(J) Infection control;
(K) Practitioner assessment;
(L) Health information management;
(M) Personnel;
(N) Staff Training;
(O) Environmental pest control;
(P) Medication errors and medication destruction and disposal;
(Q) Management of resident funds, if applicable;
(R) Policies and procedures related to secure environment, if applicable; and
(S) Provision of palliative care in accordance with 6 CCR 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part 3.3.1, if