NAC 449.1218  Program of ongoing quality improvement. 

     1.  A social model detoxification program must have a program of ongoing quality improvement designed to:

     (a) Monitor and evaluate, objectively and systematically, the quality and appropriateness of client care;

     (b) Pursue opportunities to improve client care; and

     (c) Resolve identified problems.

     2.  The program of ongoing quality improvement must:

     (a) Establish written policies and procedures to describe and document the monitoring and evaluation activities of the program of ongoing quality improvement.

     (b) Include the participation of a medical professional who is not required to be a member of the staff. For the purposes of this paragraph, “medical professional” means a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or registered nurse who is familiar with clients suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drug abuse.

     (c) In addition to the participation of a medical professional pursuant to paragraph (b), include the participation of the administrator and two staff members of the social model detoxification program.

     (d) Approve the 6 hours of additional education required pursuant to NAC 449.1214 to ensure that the additional education is appropriate.

     3.  The findings of the program of ongoing quality improvement, including any conclusions, recommendations, actions taken and the results of the actions taken, must be documented. All documentation must be reported to the governing body and must be reflected in the minutes annually.


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