Providing assistance with personal hygiene

Providing assistance with personal hygiene

One of the most common reasons why a person may move into an assisted living facility is the fact that they need assistance with their activities of daily living including areas of personal hygiene. These ADL’s may include tasks such as assistance with using the restroom, brushing their teeth, getting dressed for the day or even being tucked in for a night’s sleep. That is where we come in- our job is to make our residents feel as independent as possible while providing assistance with things they either do not want to do or tasks they cannot perform. For more information on what personal hygeine services the state of Pennsylvania expects your facility to perform check out the following regulation:

2800.24. Personal hygiene.

A residence shall provide the resident with assistance with personal hygiene and appropriate cueing to encourage personal hygiene as indicated in the resident’s assessment and support plan. Personal hygiene includes one or more of the following:

(1) Bathing.

(2) Oral hygiene.

(3) Hair grooming and shampooing.

(4) Dressing, undressing and care of clothes.

(5) Shaving.

(6) Nail care.

(7) Foot care.

(8) Skin care.