Dementia Staff Training.

The staff of facilities that operate ASCUs or market
themselves as providing Alzheimer’s/dementia care must have specified training. Staff
who provide direct face-to-face care to residents must obtain at least 8 hours of
Alzheimer’s/dementia-specific training within 90 days of employment and 8 hours of dementia-specific training annually. The training must include the following topics: an overview of
Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, communicating with persons with dementia,
behavior management, promoting independence in ADLs, and understanding and
dealing with family issues.
Staff who have regular contact with residents, but who do not provide direct face-to-face care, must obtain at least 4 hours of dementia-specific training within 90 days of employment and 2 hours of dementia training annually. This training must include the following topics: an overview of dementias and communicating with persons with
dementia. Staff who have only incidental contact with residents must receive general
written information provided by the facility on interacting with residents with dementia.

Dementia Facility Requirements.

If a facility accepts residents with dementia or
residents at risk of wandering, an enclosed area must be provided adjacent to the
the facility so that the residents may safely go outside.


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