A. A manager shall ensure that:

1. The premises and equipment used at the assisted living facility are:
a. Cleaned and, if applicable, disinfected according to policies and procedures
designed to prevent, minimize, and control illness or infection; and
b. Free from a condition or situation that may cause a resident or other individual to
suffer physical injury;
2. A pest control program that complies with A.A.C. R3-8-201(C)(4) is implemented and
3. Garbage and refuse are:
a. Stored in covered containers lined with plastic bags, and
b. Removed from the premises at least once a week;
4. Heating and cooling systems maintain the assisted living facility at a temperature
between 70° F and 84° F at all times, unless individually controlled by a resident;
5. Common areas:
a. Are lighted to ensure the safety of residents, and
b. Have lighting sufficient to allow caregivers and assistant caregivers to monitor resident activity;
6. Hot water temperatures are maintained between 95º F and 120º F in areas of an assisted
living facility used by residents;
7. The supply of hot and cold water is sufficient to meet the personal hygiene needs of
residents and the cleaning and sanitation requirements in this Article;
8. A resident has access to a laundry service or a washing machine and dryer in the assisted
living facility;
9. Soiled linen and soiled clothing stored by the assisted living facility are maintained
separate from clean linen and clothing and stored in closed containers away from food
storage, kitchen, and dining areas;
10. Oxygen containers are secured in an upright position;
11. Poisonous or toxic materials stored by the assisted living facility are maintained in
labeled containers in a locked area separate from food preparation and storage, dining
areas, and medications and are inaccessible to residents;
12. Combustible or flammable liquids and hazardous materials stored by the assisted living
facility are stored in the original labeled containers or safety containers in a locked area
inaccessible to residents;
13. Equipment used at the assisted living facility is:
a. Maintained in working order;
b. Tested and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or, if
there are no manufacturer’s recommendations, as specified in policies and
procedures; and
c. Used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations;
14. If pets or animals are allowed in the assisted living facility, pets or animals are:
a. Controlled to prevent endangering the residents and to maintain sanitation;
b. Licensed consistent with local ordinances; and
c. For a dog or cat, vaccinated against rabies;
15. If a water source that is not regulated under 18 A.A.C. 4 by the Arizona Department of
Environmental Quality is used:
a. The water source is tested at least once every 12 months for total coliform bacteria and fecal coliform or E. coli bacteria;
b. If necessary, corrective action is taken to ensure the water is safe to drink; and
c. Documentation of testing is retained for at least 12 months after the date of the test; and
16. If a non-municipal sewage system is used, the sewage system is in working order and is
maintained according to applicable state laws and rules.

B. If a swimming pool is located on the premises, a manager shall ensure that:

1. On a day that a resident uses the swimming pool, an employee:
a. Tests the swimming pool’s water quality at least once for compliance with one of
the following chemical disinfection standards:
i. A free chlorine residual between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm as measured by the N, N-Diethyl-p-phenylenediamine test;
ii. A free bromine residual between 2.0 and 4.0 ppm as measured by the N, N-Diethyl-p-phenylenediamine test; or
iii. An oxidation-reduction potential equal to or greater than 650 millivolts; and
b. Records the results of the water quality tests in a log that includes the date tested
and test result;
2. Documentation of the water quality test is maintained for at least 12 months after the date of the test; and
3. A swimming pool is not used by a resident if a water quality test shows that the
swimming pool water does not comply with subsection (B)(1)(a).