R 325.1924 Reporting of incidents, accidents, elopement.
Rule 24. (1) The home shall complete a report of all reportable incidents, accidents, and
elopements. The incident/accident report shall contain all of the following information:
(a) The name of the person or persons involved in the incident/accident.
(b) The date, hour, location, and a narrative description of the facts about the incident/
the accident which indicates its cause, if known.
(c) The effect of the incident/accident on the person who was involved, the extent of
the injuries, if known, and if medical treatment was sought from a qualified health care
(d) Written documentation of the individuals notified of the incident/accident, along
with the time and date.
(e) The corrective measures taken to prevent future incidents/accidents from
(2) The original incident/accident report shall be maintained in the home for not less
than 2 years.
(3) The home shall report an incident/accident to the department within 48 hours of the
occurrence. The incident or accident shall be immediately reported verbally or in writing
to the resident’s authorized representative, if any, and the resident’s physician.
(4) If an elopement occurs, then the home shall make a reasonable attempt to locate
the resident and contact the resident’s authorized representative if any. If the resident
is not located, the home shall do both of the following:
(a) Contact the local police authority.
(b) Notify the department within 24 hours of the elopement.