At Risk Persons Mandatory Reporting

5.1 Assisted living residence personnel engaged in the admission, care or treatment of at-risk
persons shall report suspected physical or sexual abuse, exploitation and/or caretaker neglect to
law enforcement within 24 hours of observation or discovery pursuant to §18-6.5-108, C.R.S.
Resident Relocation Reporting

5.2 The assisted living residence shall notify the Department within 48 hours if the relocation of one
or more residents occurs due to any portion of the assisted living residence becoming
uninhabitable because of fire or other disaster.
Occurrence Reporting

5.3 An assisted living residence shall comply with all occurrence reporting required by state law and
shall follow the reporting procedures set forth below:
(A) Notify the Department of the following items no later than the next business day after
discovery by the ALR:
(1) Any occurrence involving neglect of a resident by failure to provide goods and
services necessary to avoid the resident’s physical harm or mental anguish;
(2) Any occurrence involving abuse of a resident by the willful infliction of injury,
unreasonable confinement, intimidation or punishment with resulting physical
harm, pain or mental anguish;
(3) Any occurrence involving an injury of unknown source where the source of the
injury cannot be explained, and the injury is suspicious because of the extent or
location of the injury; or
(4) Any occurrence involving misappropriation of a resident’s property including the
deliberate misplacement, exploitation or wrongful use of a resident’s belongings
or money without the resident’s consent.
(B) Investigate an occurrence to determine the circumstances of the event and institute
appropriate measures to prevent similar future situations.
(1) Documentation regarding investigation, including the appropriate measures to be
instituted, shall be made available to the Department, upon request.
(C) Submit the assisted living residences’ final investigation report to the Department within
five business days after the initial report of the occurrence.
(D) Nothing in this section 5.3 shall be construed to limit or modify any statutory or common
law right, privilege, confidentiality or immunity.