Residents Files and records file & Staffing Requirements

When operating an Assisted Care Living Facility in the state of Tennessee there are certain instances when you must report serious incidents to either the Office of Health Care Facilities, APS or Law Enforcement agencies, when applicable. See the regulation below to determine when and where these incidents must be reported:

1200-08-25-.13 REPORTS.

(1) The ACLF shall report all incidents of abuse, neglect, and misappropriation to the Department of Health in accordance with T.C.A. § 68-11-211.

(2) The ACLF shall report the following incidents to the Department of Health in accordance with T.C.A. § 68-11-211.

(a) Strike by staff at the facility;

(b) External disasters impacting the facility;

(c) Disruption of any service vital to the continued safe operation of the ACLF or to the health and safety of its patients and personnel; and

(d) Fires at the ACLF that disrupt the provision of patient care services or cause harm to the patients or staff, or that are reported by the facility to any entity, including but not limited to a fire department charged with preventing fires.

(3) An ACLF shall file the Joint Annual Report of Assisted Care Living Facilities with the department. The forms shall be furnished and mailed to each ACLF by the department each year and the forms must be completed and returned to the department as required.