Required personnel records

Required personnel records

“If you don’t have proof, it didn’t happen”, this is something many administrators have heard from surveyors over the years due to their inability to track employee records properly. If training employees is the number 1 key to success, then 1b would be ensuring you keep an accurate and up to date employee file, complete with all the necessary information. Check out this regulation provided by EOEA for what is required to be kept in every employee file:

12.05: Record Requirements

(3) Personnel Record Requirements.

The Assisted Living Residence shall develop and maintain written personnel records, and maintain copies of its personnel policies and procedures. Each personnel record shall include at a minimum the following:

(a) Job description;

(b) Educational preparation and work experience;

(c) A copy of any current licensure or Certification or, if applicable, documentation of completion of 54-hour Personal Care Services Training set forth in 651 CMR 12.07(4);

(d) Documentation of attendance at Personnel Orientation as set forth in 651 CMR 12.07;

(e) Documentation of reports of criminal offender record information;

(f) Documentation of annual performance evaluation;

(g) Documentation of attendance at in-service training; and

(h) Copies of any disciplinary letters or reports.

(4) The Residence must maintain a staff correspondence log for each 24 hour period that communicates information necessary to maintain the continuity of care for all Residents. The correspondence log must be maintained for no less than 90 days.

Top Takeaway:

  • When the EOEA inspector visits your ALR they will audit your employee files and be looking for all of the required elements listed in this regulation. The reg clearly lists what is necessary to have in the file so take the time to frequently review both current and new employees’ files to ensure you are in compliance.