Required Postings

There are so many items that residents need to be aware of while living in your community that it can be hard for them to keep up. The Texas HHSC has created regulations for some of these documents to be posted in clear view of residents. Check out the following requirements for what needs to be conspicuously posted in your community:

RULE 553.127 Required Postings

An assisted living facility must prominently and conspicuously post for display in a public area of the facility that is readily available to residents, employees, and visitors:
(1) the license issued under this chapter;
(2) a sign prescribed by HHSC that specifies complaint procedures established under these rules and specifies how complaints may be filed with HHSC;
(3) a notice in the form prescribed by HHSC stating that inspection and related reports are available at the facility for public inspection and providing HHSC toll-free telephone number that may be used to obtain information concerning the facility;
(4) a copy of the most recent inspection report relating to the facility;
(5) Resident Bill of Rights;
(6) Provider Bill of Rights;
(7) the telephone number of the managing local ombudsman and the toll-free number of the Ombudsman Program, 1-800-252-2412;
(8) the facility’s normal 24-hour staffing patterns; and
(9) a sign stating: “Cases of Suspected Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation must be reported to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services by calling 1-800-458-985