Staff Training

Required qualifications for staff

Finding reliable staff members for your CRCF can be a difficult task. We ask so much of our direct care staff, dining team, and housekeepers but often have trouble paying them a living wage. But there are certainly many dedicated people if you dig hard enough through the recruiting pipeline. As mandated by the SC DHEC you must go through the following pre-hire process to ensure your newest team member meets the appropriate state qualifications:


  1. General (II).
  2. Before being employed or contracted as a staff member/direct care volunteer by a licensed community residential care facility, a person shall undergo a criminal background check pursuant to 1976 Code Section 44-7-2910. Staff members/direct care volunteers/private sitters of the facility shall not have a prior conviction or pled no contest (nolo contendere) to abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a child or a vulnerable adult as defined in 1976 Code Section 43-35-10, et seq. (I)
  3. Staff members/volunteers shall be provided the necessary training to perform the duties for which they are responsible in an effective manner. (I)
  4. No supervision/care/services shall be provided to individuals who are not residents of the facility other than children of owners of the facility who are residing in the facility. Minimum staffing requirements shall be applied in instances where children of owners reside in the facility, i.e., children of owners shall be considered as residents in the staff/resident ratio. (I)
  5. Staff members/direct care volunteers shall have at least the following qualifications: (I)
  6. Capable of rendering care/services to residents;
  7. Sufficient education to be able to perform their duties, and to speak, read, and write English;
  8. Demonstrate a working knowledge of applicable regulations.
  9. There shall be accurate and current information maintained regarding all staff members/volunteers of

the facility, including at least address, phone number, and personal/work/training background.

  1. All staff members/direct care volunteers shall be assigned certain duties and responsibilities which

shall be in writing and in accordance with the individual’s capability.

  1. When a facility engages a source other than the facility to provide services, normally provided by the facility, e.g., staffing, training, recreation, food service, professional consultant, maintenance, transportation, there shall be a written agreement with the source that describes how and when the services are to be provided, the exact services to be provided, and that these services are to be provided by qualified individuals. The source shall comply with this regulation in regard to resident care, services, and rights.


Pro Tip:

  • Performing a thorough pre-screen process for potential hires is key to finding the right fit. Ensure the person conducting interviews has a full understanding of what you are looking for in a new team member as well as having knowledge of the qualifications mandated by the state.