481—57.23 (135C) Resident activities program.

57.23(1) Each residential care facility shall provide an organized resident activity program for the
group and for the individual resident which shall include suitable activities for evenings and weekends.(III)
a. The activity program shall be designed to meet the needs and interests of each resident and to
assist residents in continuing normal activities within limitations set by the resident’s physician. This
shall include helping residents continue in their individual interests or hobbies. (III)
b. The program shall include individual goals for each resident. (III)
c. The activity program shall include both group and individual activities. (III)
d. No resident shall be forced to participate in the activity program. (III)

57.23(2) Coordination of activities program.
a. Each residential care facility with over 15 beds shall employ a person to direct the activities program. (III)
b.Staffing for the activity program shall be provided on a minimum basis of 45 minutes per
licensed bed per week. (II, III)
c. The activity coordinator shall have completed the activity coordinators’ orientation course
offered through the department within six months of employment or have comparable training and
experience as approved by the department. (III)
d. The activity coordinator shall attend workshops or educational programs which relate to
activity programming. These shall total a minimum of ten contact hours per year. These programs shall
be approved by the department. (III)
e. There shall be a written plan for personnel coverage when the activity coordinator is absent
during scheduled working hours. (III)

57.23(3) Duties of activity coordinator. The activity coordinator shall:
a. Have access to all residents’ records excluding financial records; (III)
b. Coordinate all activities, including volunteer or auxiliary activities and religious services; (III)
c. Keep all necessary records including:
(1) Attendance; (III)
(2) Record individual resident progress notes at least every three months; (III)
(3) Monthly calendars, prepared in advance. (III)
d. Coordinate the activity program with all other services in the facility; (III)
e. Participate in the in-service training program in the facility. This shall include attending as
well as presenting sessions. (III)

57.23(4) Supplies, equipment, and storage.
a. Each facility shall provide a variety of supplies and equipment of a nature calculated to fit the
needs and interests of the residents. These may include: books (standard and large print), magazines,
newspapers, radio, television, and bulletin boards. Also appropriate would be box games, game
equipment, songbooks, cards, craft supplies, record player, movie projector, piano, outdoor equipment,etc. (III)
b. Storage shall be provided for recreational equipment and supplies. (III)
c. Locked storage should be available for potentially dangerous items such as scissors, knives,
and toxic materials. (III)


481—57.24 (135C) Resident advocate committee.

Each facility shall have a resident advocate
committee in accordance with Iowa Code section 135C.25, which shall operate within the scope of the
rules for resident advocate committees promulgated by the department on aging. (II)
57.24(1) Role of committee in complaint investigations.
a. The department shall notify the facility’s resident advocate committee of a complaint from the
public. The department shall not disclose the name of a complainant.
b. The department may refer complaints to the resident advocate committee for initial evaluation
or investigation by the committee pursuant to rules promulgated by the department on aging. Within
ten days of completion of the investigation, the committee shall report to the department in writing the
results of the evaluation or the investigation.
c. When the department investigates a complaint, upon conclusion of its investigation, it shall
notify the resident advocate committee and the department on aging of its findings, including any
citations and fines issued.
d. Results of all complaint investigations addressed by the resident advocate committee shall be
forwarded to the department within ten days of completion of the investigation.
57.24(2) The resident advocate committee shall, upon department request, be responsible for
monitoring correction of substantiated complaints.
57.24(3) When requested, names, addresses and telephone numbers of family members shall be
given to the resident advocate committee, unless the family refuses. The facility shall provide a form
on which a family member may refuse to have the family member’s name, address or telephone number
given to the resident advocate committee